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Red Cross First Aid CPR,First Responder Supplies,AEDWilderness & Remote First Aid

Canadian Red Cross

20 -40 hrs

Have you ever wondered what you would do, or how you would react, if you or one of your group members were hurt or seriously injured while in the backcountry, hours or days away from advanced medical help?

Join ActiveLife Adventure & Training on their next Wilderness & Remote First Aid course to experience the reality of providing first aid in a backcountry situation.

The course focus will be on practical skills, decision making and confidence building.

The program is designed with an experiential approach toward learning - we learn by doing. Consequently, a high proportion of the course time is spent outdoors dealing with simulated injuries and medical conditions while in a natural environment, often having to improvise with the limited materials at hand.

This method of course facilitation gives learners a realistic understanding of the unique challenges often associated with providing first aid and prolonged care to an injured person situated in a backcountry location.

Successful completion of the course will certify you in Canadian Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid and Standard First Aid CPR Level-C, recognized in the workplace by Nova Scotia Occupational Health & Safety.

ActiveLife Adventure & Training is based in Colchester County and is owned and managed by Kevin Fitch.

Kevin is qualified as a Canadian Red Cross wilderness first aid instructor and works as a ski-patroller during winter time.

ActiveLife is registered with Nova Scotia Health Promotion, which means that parents of youth who participate in our programs are eligible to receive a tax credit for the cost of registering in one of our courses (to a maximum of $150.)

For a minimum group size we can arrange a course to suit your timetable and location.

CONTACT us for further information.



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